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    Overcome fears. Break through limitations. Achieve your dreams.

  • Australias leading Firewalk specialists

    Based in Brisbane we hold Firewalks across Australia

    A family business, we seek to inspire personal growth and creative action in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We promote activities in business and at home, in harmony with the earth, with awareness of the duties and responsibilities for the benefit of present as well as the future generations.


    We have the knowledge and experience to ensure everyone has a safe and memorable experience. We have a leave no trace policy and once we clear up, you would not even know a fire had been there only hours before due to our special surface protection techniques.


    Firewalking is deeply rewarding in terms of personal development, helping you to focus on what is important and realise what you are truly capable of. Dispel limiting beliefs and step forward with confidence towards whatever it is you choose.

    • Learn how to Free your Mind of Limitations.
    • Identify and address life long regrets & Limiting Beliefs. 
    • Find yourself & connect with who you truly are. 
    • A Profound, Spiritual experience. 
    • Transform Fear into Drive, Connection & Love.

    If you can walk on fire, you can do anything!

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