If you can walk on fire, you can do Anything.


    Believe in Yourself.

    Belief... a feeling of absolute certainty about something

  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions about Firewalking

    What is Firewalking?

    Walking barefoot over hot coals

    Firewalking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of burning hot embers / coals. It has been practised all over the world, dating back several thousand years with the earliest records dating back to1200BC. Social theorists argue firewalking persists because it serves some basic socialising function, a scientific study found heart rates of firewalkers syncronised thus suggesting an alignment of emotional states and a strengthening common identity amongst participants.


    Why should I walk on fire?

    A personal development journey

    The decision to walk on fire is a very personal one and is yours alone to make. Walking on fire holds different meaning for different people, many experience a kind of psychological rebirth as they overcome their fears, sheer exuberance as they realise just what they are capable of and all have a fantastic tale to tell!

    Can I burn walking on fire?

    Receiving a 'Fire Kiss'

    Whilst there is always a risk when walking on fire, we have never had anyone need medical attention after one of our firewalks. There are various degrees of burns and a small percentage of firewalkers do receive a trophy from their experience on the fire, these are usually minor blisters and are what we call a ‘fire kiss’. If there was no risk involved, there would be no challenge and there wouldn’t be such a sense of accomplishment for walking on fire!

    What preparation is there?

    Safety and Preparation Seminar

    We find that those that believe they will burn, tend to be right! As a result we spend plenty of time before the walk discussing the reasons you may choose to walk and helping you to prepare mentally for this incredible experience. We are confident by the time you approach the coals, you will be prepped for success and ready to walk.

    How hot are the coals?

    It's not a trick!

    The temperature of the coals can be as hot as 1200°F / 650°C - about the melting point of Aluminium!

    Who can walk on fire

    No experience necessary

    Anyone can walk on fire, provided they can walk unassisted at a standard walking pace. You don’t need any special experience, just a decent dose of courage! People of all ages have walked on fire. Always ensure you have a certified Instructor to prepare the fire and supervise the walk.

  • Why Firewalk?

    Leave your past limitations behind you and get ready to welcome new found passion and energy into your life.


    Expand your awareness as you Connect with the Fire

    Transform fear into Drive, Connection & Love


    Free yourself from Anxiety

    Heal Past Trauma

    Remove Limiting Beliefs

    Lock New Empowered Thoughts into your Mind, Body & Soul

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