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    Overcome fears. Break through limitations. Achieve your dreams.

    Australias leading Firewalk specialists

    Fundraising, Private Parties, Corporate, Team Building, Charities

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    Charity Fundraising and Sponsorship

  • Australias leading Firewalk specialists

    Based in Brisbane we hold Firewalks across Australia

    A family business, we seek to inspire personal growth and creative action in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We promote activities in business and at home, in harmony with the earth, with awareness of the duties and responsibilities for the benefit of present as well as the future generations.


    We have the knowledge and experience to ensure everyone has a safe and memorable experience. We have a leave no trace policy and once we clear up, you would not even know a fire had been there only hours before due to our special surface protection techniques.


    Firewalking is deeply rewarding in terms of personal development, helping you to focus on what is important and realise what you are truly capable of. Dispel limiting beliefs and step forward with confidence towards whatever it is you choose.

    • Break free of negative mind chatter and Overcome Anxiety
    • Release your Past Traumas and burn away that which isn't You
    • Find yourself & connect with who YOU truly are
    • A Profoundly Spiritual, Emotional and Physical experience
    • A memory that will stay with you for life 

    If you can walk on fire, you can do anything!

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  • Fire Ceremony with Firewalk

    Empowerment Seminar, Ceremony & Firewalk

    See the world thru new eyes with new found confidence that lasts by tapping in to your authentic power, knowing who you truly are & that your can step forward in life with honour & purpose.


    Taking influence from some of the greatest healers & teachers to have walked the earth such as Mother Teresa, Tony Robbins & the Native American Indians.

    • Be the best you!
    • Be the change you want to see in the world & help others do the same.
    • Be Happier, heather, wealthier & love your life.

    You can understand something intellectually but UNTIL you actually do it, its just just in your head. There is a big differnce between becoming the person you what to be & romanticising about it. You can't learn what's in you or have a amazing life watching HBO & Netflix.


    The sacred wisdom of the fire ceremony will bring the person you want to be into your body, mind & heart.

    Free yourself from

    • Lifelong regrets
    • Limiting beliefs

    Experience the magic, beauty & grace of the fire ceremony

    Strip away your pain , regrets & limiting beliefs

    Lose the burden of your past, leaving you feeling rejuvenated & lighter.


    Join us for a special evening, find YOUR inner fire and move forward with power and purpose... because: “If you can walk on fire, you can do anything.”

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